p01nd3xt3r (p01nd3xt3r) wrote in guernsey,


Ello i am a guern, watcher ma boy eh. i am at uni at the mo, leaving that rock was the best thing i ever did. it seriously sucks ass unless u r on holiday, under 16 or over 70........................ my advice to any young people here is that there is more to life than livin on guernsey, workin in a bank and drinking in the rockmount.....get out, go and discover the REAL world.....
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Yup. I'm 25 and heading off to uni this September. Left it a bit late, but better late than never, eh? :)

Welcome to the community!
Hehe. So everyone on the island wants to get off it, and everyone off it wants to get on it?
true, pretty messd up eh
Those of us who lead a successful life can afford to get off the islet at least once a month, and make trips around the world twice a year, and spend frequently time abroad (other than ghettoish Britain). Too bad that this is a world closed for you.